Help for Court Victims

National Alliance for Family Court Justice 
 Dedicated for victims of exploitative family and custody court authorities.
Work with other protective mothers and incest survivors to reform the system and learn winning strategies Learn more about troublesome custody issues: Parental Alienation (PAS) & Fathers Rights

 Since it's founding in 2006, CJE has filled a critical void, shining a light on a vital branch of government that wields tremendous power over the lives of average people. CJE has empowered citizen leadership, inspired government action, and become a major catalyst in building a national movement for family court reform.

An organization for protective mothers whose children are forced into unsupervised visitation, or worse, with abusive fathers. This support group strives to bring public attention to the fact that the family court system often places children with their abusers and seperates them from their protective mother.

 Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody: A National Crisis was created in 2003 by two mothers, Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D. of Albany, NY, and Liliane Heller Miller of Charlotte, NC. Our on-going goal is to host a national public forum to address the many complex issues facing battered women as they strive to protect themselves and their children during divorce, custody, and visitation disputes.

The Courageous Kids Network is a growing group of young people, whose childhoods were shattered by inhumane court rulings, which forced us to live with our abusive parent, while restricting or sometimes completely eliminating contact with our loving and protective parent.

We who survived got older and stronger. Now we are telling the world how much we were hurt, first by our abusers then by the court which refused to protect us. We are joining together to find strength, support and healing.

Our website IS intended to help fit and loving mothers who wish to continue to be the primary caretakers of their children. If you have visited our site because you are finding yourself in the middle of contested child custody litigation, you have our most heartfelt sympathies.

We are the campaigning 'voice' for everyone who has suffered an injustice with the corrupt judiciary system.
We endeavor, through our campaigns to bring out into the open the appalling number of injustices (particularly) those relating to child access issues.
This site is for victims of violence, their families and friends, and the agencies and programs which serve them, both public and private. The goal of this website is to assist efforts to aid and support those trying to remove themselves from abusive situations and build healthier, stronger lives. For individuals, we hope to provide general educational and reference material as well as a comprehensive nationwide directory of services for "one stop shopping".

Womens Law
Providing legal information and support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Safe Start Center
The Safe Start Initiative is funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. The goal of the Safe Start Initiative is to broaden the knowledge of and promote community investment in evidence-based strategies for reducing the impact of children's exposure to violence.


  1. this is gender biased!
    We are dealing with a sociopath who is teh MOM!!!

    1. Unfortunately, statistically, female sociopaths don't want to sacrifice anything, so they don't usually fight for there kids. Realistically, 50/50 usually doesn't mean the men are truly as involved as woman. So it's expected from the moms, not so much the dads. The sociopath, msle or female, all they want is the power. Using the child for a cornucopia of reasons, "doting dad" thing immediately makes him appear nuturing, caring, trustworthy. Thats a babe magne. It initialyl hooked me. The kids r the perfect way to manipulate the mother or other family members. Mine made constant threat to his own mother of not seeing his older daughter if she didnt do what he wanted. Kids that a orimarily taken care of by ex, or lstest girlfriend, are not that much trouble for him, they r easily manipulated, easily controled and make the perfect weapon. Women who can't empathize or put anything above what she feels entitled to, will only fight for appearances, what goofd momwouldnt lfight for her ? But unless theres something in it for them, they talk a lot but wont really put much effort into it. So they When she looses, she'll play a victim. In a nutshell, sociopathes only fight for what they think is beneficial for thereally if the benefits of having thd runs out, shes gone. So this isnt sexist, well it us if you mean against women. Its expected we take on most of the burden so we also know our kids and protect them, if the sociopath woman is fighting for her kids, A) Shes may not b a sociopath, B . Theres some pay off in it for her. Think about what that cld be...controling u? Child support Status? What ever it is, what ever u csn do to cease that benefit or behave in a way she wld nvr expect. As soon a situation is work, she may just mive on. Is it sexist? Well yeah. But cant get mad at woman for that. There dint seem to be to many men out there pisting for support, if they did, maybe there would be more reasourced.

  2. Most of the resouces I have found are designed for women, because Antisocial Personality Disorder if found to be three times more prevelant in men. It is difficult to find good information on male sociopaths, next to impossible for female sociopaths. I agree that women can also be abusive and my heart goes out to you. The only thing I would suggest is that you ignore gender labels and utilize the information, regardless of whether it is written for a man or a woman. ((((Hugs)))

  3. I myself am a victim of a sociopath ex-husband w/3 children.. my best friend who HAPPENS to be a guy that I met almost 2yrs. ago is being dragged through court by my ex for harassment which is NOT true. We have court tomorrow. My ex also refuses to pay child support and said he's gonna keep appealing our divorce case... still waiting for the FIRST appeal results to come back... he'll stop at nothing and he uses our children like pawns in a game.. I'm concerned they are being manipulated/brainwashed by him.. I AM thankful I have full custody thus far. My hearts go out to ANYONE who becomes a victim to these inhumane people. I NOW want to get my degree in Psychology so I can HELP victims and better understand this and other disorders and try and help SOMEHOW.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that despite winning in court, you are still being dragged through the mud. This behavior is typical of my ex as well, who tells anyone who listens that my male FRIENDS are my "boyfriends" and everyone conspired to have him charged and HE is the one being harrassed. It is the craziest thing I have ever seen. God Bless you and your children... and spread the word so that more people become aware of the sociopath.

  4. Thank you for putting this up. I have been burned by a system that has rewarded a domestic abuser. I don't know how to fight anymore. Can anyone help?

    1. Wondering if anyone has helped you and how you're doing

  5. My daughter is a sociopath as I have done alot of reading on this subject, and everything describes her 100%. The bad thing in all of this is her son, she uses him as a pawn towards everyone, the baby's father who just got his paternaty papers done, and he is 99.99 % the dad, and she still went against an order the judge signed for him to have him every weekend. The dad has given up on her, as I have as I am her mother. I can't deal with the lies, everything she does is all about her, and what others do to her. She has accused the dad of abusing her, which is not true. She has came and gone out of his house 4 times, and continues to run and hide so no one can find her. She doesn't care about the law, or what the judge says to do, she is going to do what ever she wants to do, no one is going to stop her. She is also doing heavy drugs, but we can't seem to get DFS to do a drug test right away on her, have to work up a report on her. WTF is the system good for if they don't drug test right away. Yes i am pissed, she has moved around since the baby has been born 14 times, she gives bogis addresses, where no one can find her. She has lived with me, and used me, and I had enough of her lies and her BS, can't take care of her she is 37 years old. She is getting disability as she has Crohns Diease, and she doesn't seem to care about that anymore. She is slowly killing herself, and I am more concern for the child. I am working with the Dad to get custody of him but how do we find her, she runs, she lies to everyone, nothing we can do. What good is the court system if they award the sociopath custody, who can't even make decisions for themselves. They aren't able to care for themselves anymore than they can take care of a child. I hate the court system, cause they aren't really looking out for what is best for the children. I hate the fact that this is my daughter but I have been burned by her numerous times, and I have to step back, but when there is a child involved, you can't step back to far, as you have to be concerned for the welfare of the child. The judges in these courtrooms need to really look at all the facts, before making a judgement call. Do they not take college to become a Judge? Then they need to really learn to read the parents who is good for the child and who isn't. Yes a child needs both parents I don't disagree, but when one has a mental issue, and jumps from place to place, not giving that child a stable life, then something is very wrong with this picture. I am not denying my daughter her rights but with her moving around because she doesn't get her way, and picks up a little boy and moves him from one place to another, it just isn't fair to the child. She doesn't have a job, she lives off the government, she plays the system to get what she wants, but to take responsiblity in getting a place of her own, that is never in her plan. She uses people to live off of, to get a free ride, and she has used every friend and family member and they are all done with her drama and BS. Again my concern is what is best for my grandson, i want nothing more than for full custody to go to him, he works, his mom and him own a home, he pays his bills, and he loves his baby so much. She won't abide by the orders of the court, and I believe that if they would put a warrant out for her arrest and keep her in jail for a little time, just maybe they would see what we all see, cause she would totally go nuts behind bars and in a small cell. Make them learn they can't keep doing what they are doing. Judges and the system need to wake up and see what some of these parents are doing to their children, do they really care, or is it all about the money they bring in through the system? I just want some legal advise for the father, so he can do the right thing for his son to keep him safe.

  6. It's been two years since I seen my kids.I must be very sick.I am in the worse pain imaginable. So my kids are in more.I need some help,but nobody will listen.