Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Sociopath's Never Ending Quest for Domination

A quick update: the sociopath has refused to settle my current case. Not shocking, I know. It seems he feels he should get to be "in charge", yet pay no child support while I care for my son during the school year and he gets him all summer during playtime.

I agreed to no child support. I offered 40% residential time, a split Primary Residential status (him during summer, me during school year), but I want sole legal decision making due to his refusal to co-parent. It was a toss up as to what was most important to him... the money or maintaining his control over my son and I.

Not surprisingly, power and control won out over financial incentive. His never ending quest for domination has resulted in some new stunts that shocked even me. My attorney meets with the judge on August 15th to talk to him and set aside 2 days for trial. As much as I have prepared my evidence, I still feel disorganized and nervous.

While I  haven't ever really made it off  this crazy hamster wheel, I am going to be running harder than ever. I have the SAME judge... the one that hates me and thought it was a grand idea to take my baby away from the only parent he has ever had and award a sociopath joint physical custody. Then, just to rub it in... name him Primary Residential parent so that it is hard for me to modify the case. WOO HOO! Here we go...

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