Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Sociopath's Idea of Early Child Care: Stay and Play

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. The sociopath's deposition finally took place yesterday. As a whole, I am pleased with my attorney's performance. His experience and professionalism were apparent. Nimrod was present, of course, and he did try to help the sociopath come up with the right answers. Hysterical considering neither one of them know a darn thing about anything.

One of my goals was to find out where and who had been caring for my child during the sociopath's parenting time. There really was no good answer here. I knew that he was either being left in the care of any person who will babysit for free, or he was forced to go to work with the sociopath. No matter what, the answer was going to be hard to hear.

I, the child's mother, am not allowed to see my son during the sociopath's parenting time... despite his sworn testimony to the judge that the child would be in my care during work hours. I work for myself, from home. So, where does my 5 year old son go when the sociopath is at work? To Stay and Play.

Now, this threw me for a loop. I am very familiar with most of the child care options in our little county. Where the heck is Stay and Play? Even more shocking... the sociopath pays for child care?

As the attorney began to get into more detailed questions about where Stay and Play is located, the sociopath begins to smirk. The precise location is.... his truck. Yup.

Now, for those of you who don't know- the sociopath is a horse shoer by trade. This means he drives around to different people's houses and trims or shoes horses. One horse takes about an hour, depending on what he does. He carries a propane-fired forge in his truck for heating and reshaping metal shoes.

My son had told me that he has to sit in the truck when his “dad” works. I had assumed that this was a one time deal... not the normal routine. This includes when it is snowing and 10 degrees outside, and when it is hot and 100 degrees outside. For four to five hours at a time. With no supervision, other than when the sociopath happens to stop and go check on him.

So, what type of childcare does a sociopath find appropriate for a 5 year old child?
The sociopath points to a spot and says “Stay” and “Play!”
And thinks it is funny.

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