Thursday, February 7, 2013

Advice From a Reader on Divorcing a Sociopath

I was skimming through my emails today and I wanted to share a comment from one reader. I think, in retrospect, what she says is good advice. To stay in contact with a sociopath may subject you and your child to years of abuse. I chose to stay, and I am still fighting the battle of my life. It's not a fun place to be. If you are not yet involved in the court system,  carefully consider her view:

"Once I turned off the "pity" and began holding him responsible for his actions.......he turned into a raging monster. His mask came flying off and I saw him for what he really is....empty, frightened and scary. I learned to not let a word he says into my psyche as he is a master manipulator. He knew just how to melt my heart...I kept myself trapped by believing him. The best advice I have is this: WATCH what they do...DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD they say....because their words and actions will never come together. Mine always had an excuse....don't believe it. TRUST your own instincts. Move Forward as if he doesn't exist. It's the only way. Demand No Contact....their psychic energy is powerful and overwhelming. If I had known how my divorce would play out, I would have taken my kids and run. That was advice I got from other women divorcing these types. Just run, run away as far and fast as you can. The Courts have become militant over fathers rights....they are creating the next generation of angry, controlling men and supporting those efforts. Then spend time healing yourself and your children....lots of it."