Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In Child Support Court With the Sociopath.... Again and Nimrod is Back

Monday marked my 527th (just kidding but it has been a lot) appearance in court with the sociopath. This was the final reset for the hearing on his request for a downward modification of his child support. I originally opened the case with the child support office on February 1, 2012 for two reasons:

  1. The sociopath wanted to pay weekly his child support obligation whenever he felt like it. He never fell more than 3 weeks behind before he would suddenly “catch up”. Since he always did pay before the end of the month, it wasn't enough to file contempt on.
  2. The sociopath refused to mail me his child support checks. He had to deliver them in person. That would have been fine, except he refused to just hand them to me like a civilized person- he had to throw them at me- or on the ground at the bottom of the steps to the front porch. As if that wasn't aggravating enough, he also refused to write my name on the checks.

My solution was to make it the state's problem. On February 9th- eight days after I opened the case AND 5 weeks after the custody trial- he filed to have his child support modified. As you know from earlier posts, his support was set on the income he testified to in front of the judge.

The state was representing HIM since he was the one who requested modification. I had my attorney with me, representing my interests. The hearing was delayed due to the appeal several times. In November he showed up with a new attorney and they reset the case again for December 3rd.

He never showed up. His lawyer never showed up. My lawyer moved to dismiss the case, the state had no objection, and that is what the judge did. So for now, I get to keep the support for my son.

But... Nimrod is back. He has agreed to represent the sociopath in the contempt action I filed. It appears that Nimrod had no intention of letting the judge get a preview of things to come.

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