Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Denied Supervised Visitation and Child is Murdered by the Sociopath

Tonight I am truely horrified to find out that another child is dead due to our family court system. I first became aware of Cappuccino Queen through her posts on Love Fraud. I never knew much about her story until a friend posted a Facebook update that her son had been killed. She too fought a rough child custody battle. The judge basically told her that unless she brought the child in with cigarette burns on him, there was no way he was going to believe that the father was abusive.

Rest in Peace Little Man

Here is what she had to say about it, "I could choose to walk away and try to forget all of the painful memories, but to walk away from this story and this cause would also be choosing to walk away from my baby boy. That is not a choice any good mother would make. This cause is bigger than me and Prince and, unfortunately, we are now faces in a sea of other people whom the justice system has failed.

When I first heard that my son was dead, I wanted to die with him. I vividly remember contemplating jumping into the grave and laying next to his tiny casket. That seemed like the easier option than staying here on earth and continuing to fight. After laying in bed for at least a week, crying myself to sleep at night, and nearly dying from an inability to eat, I remembered a promise that I made to Prince as I sat beside his open casket and read to him for the last time. I promised him that I would always fight for him."

How many of us have made that same promise, to fight for our child no matter what? I know I have, as I held my son in my arms listening to him sob over being hurt. At least my child is alive. This mother won't get another chance to fight to protect her child.

Death of Toddler by Sociopath

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