Wednesday, December 26, 2012

King of Lies: A Sociopath Sure Knows a Lot About Denial

Just before Christmas I received Nimrod's response to my contempt petition. I was absolutely floored- although I shouldn't be- to see that the sociopath had the audacity to deny the allegations. I know for a fact he has been suspicious that I am recording our interactions and surely Nimrod has warned him of the possibility. Most interesting though was his admission that he does limit the telephone calls between my son and myself. His reason? My calls are "interminable."

Funny... I am quite sure that the sociopath does not even know the meaning of "interminable."  Here he stands accused of not facilitating a relationship between the mother and the child, yet actually complains about my calls being endless and especially wearisome. What the...? I can't wait to submit my telephone records showing how "interminable" a three minute conversation is.

The sociopath filed a counter complaint stating that I conspired to have him charged with aggravated assault against a witness in the case. He even pointed out to the judge that the case was brought out of retirement because the order was violated. I can promise you that I do not, nor have I ever, had enough pull in this county to have the sociopath falsely charged. If I did, he would be in jail for stalking and threatening me.

I am now certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that if the sociopath gets gas, it will be my fault. Nothing new with that scenario. Here is a reality quake for you: The sociopath is hauled back to court by the district attorney for violating his court order in a case that I am in no way involved in and I am harassing HIM. A normal person would be horrified that the judge was going to find out that a court order was violated. Nimrod is creative, I will give him that.

The sociopath is also now asking for sole custody with me having visitation 70 days a year. That is rich... I offer him 163 days, every holiday except Easter, and to share every Christmas with him  and he counters with "GIVE IT ALL TO ME". I am certain that this is stage 2 of making good on his threat: "if you leave me, I will take your son away from you."

I am also accused of not participating for court ordered joint counseling- a complete lie- and hiring an unethical attorney to represent me on appeal. Really? We are going to point the "ethics" finger at each other?  Gotta appreciate the sociopaths determination. I don't know how this will all play out, but I suppose if it comes down to it, the judge will hear for himself the sociopath doing all of the things he has formally denied. In the meantime, I plan to stay my course and make every moment with my son count.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Protective Mother Commits suicide after losing her 9 month old daughter in a vicious custody battle complete with e-bullying -

A Port Orchard woman committed suicide after losing her daughter in a vicious custody battle over her 9 month old daughter.

Kodi Hawthorne, of Port Orchard, had been her daughter Ryah's sole caregiver for the child's entire life. Upon being served with a paternity suit by her daughter's father, Tyler, she arrived in court originally requesting that the father be allowed visitation with his daughter as long as he took his required medication for bipolar disorder, as he had a violent and abusive history.

In the months that followed, a series of character attacks began against Kodi to prove her an unfit parent. She was portrayed as a drug user and abusive parent, despite passing drug follicle screenings and providing pediatrician letters that confirmed Ryah had been a happy, healthy, breastfed infant in her mother's care.

During the court process, Tyler's Myspace pages would cryptically declare, "She is MINE." Hawthorne's residence was stalked and bricks smashed through her window while her daughter was in her care. When attempting to get a restraining order against the father, she was denied.

After passing the necessary hurdles in court to maintain her custody, she was served with paperwork accusing her of raping a 14 year old boy she had lived with and for whom she had provided after school care. Before her rape case was proven or closed, Hawthorne's daughter was then removed from her custody, placed with the father and Hawthorne was given 18 hours of supervised visitation a week.

Despite attempting to assert her visitation rights before her custody trial scheduled for November of 2010, she was consistently denied said visitation by the father, who now had custody. Hawthorne reported her lawyer of Port Orchard had also received threats not to let a supervisor be approved for Ms. Hawthorne to see her daughter.

A study done by the Virginia based American Judges Foundation found that in 70% of challenged custody cases, abusive parents are successful in proving the victimized parent unfit.

Having been given only 2 hours of visitation in 3 weeks, Hawthorne entered a deep depression and consistently received threatening and harassing text messages from "anonymous" emails and phone numbers who she had asserted were from Tyler.

She had been threatened to be arrested to for child rape charges and "thrown into jail" in order to never see her daughter again. The threats, depression and loss of her daughter became too much for Hawthorne, who ended her life in a Kent hotel room on April 8, 2010.

Further investigation with detectives revealed no such rape charges were ever going to be filed, as evidence was not enough to charge Ms. Hawthorne in her rape case. The case mirrors the bullying case of teenager Phoebe Prince, although Kent detectives state that in Washington "a crime has not been committed."

Coincidentally, on Mother's Day 2010, almost exactly one month after Kodi Hawthorne's death, a march of hundreds of victimized parents held a silent vigil at the White House to protest the broken American family court system that removes children from protective parents.

Kodi Hawthorne (26) committed suicide after losing her 9 month old daughter in a vicious custody battle complete with e-bullying -

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Denied Supervised Visitation and Child is Murdered by the Sociopath

Tonight I am truely horrified to find out that another child is dead due to our family court system. I first became aware of Cappuccino Queen through her posts on Love Fraud. I never knew much about her story until a friend posted a Facebook update that her son had been killed. She too fought a rough child custody battle. The judge basically told her that unless she brought the child in with cigarette burns on him, there was no way he was going to believe that the father was abusive.

Rest in Peace Little Man

Here is what she had to say about it, "I could choose to walk away and try to forget all of the painful memories, but to walk away from this story and this cause would also be choosing to walk away from my baby boy. That is not a choice any good mother would make. This cause is bigger than me and Prince and, unfortunately, we are now faces in a sea of other people whom the justice system has failed.

When I first heard that my son was dead, I wanted to die with him. I vividly remember contemplating jumping into the grave and laying next to his tiny casket. That seemed like the easier option than staying here on earth and continuing to fight. After laying in bed for at least a week, crying myself to sleep at night, and nearly dying from an inability to eat, I remembered a promise that I made to Prince as I sat beside his open casket and read to him for the last time. I promised him that I would always fight for him."

How many of us have made that same promise, to fight for our child no matter what? I know I have, as I held my son in my arms listening to him sob over being hurt. At least my child is alive. This mother won't get another chance to fight to protect her child.

Death of Toddler by Sociopath

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In Child Support Court With the Sociopath.... Again and Nimrod is Back

Monday marked my 527th (just kidding but it has been a lot) appearance in court with the sociopath. This was the final reset for the hearing on his request for a downward modification of his child support. I originally opened the case with the child support office on February 1, 2012 for two reasons:

  1. The sociopath wanted to pay weekly his child support obligation whenever he felt like it. He never fell more than 3 weeks behind before he would suddenly “catch up”. Since he always did pay before the end of the month, it wasn't enough to file contempt on.
  2. The sociopath refused to mail me his child support checks. He had to deliver them in person. That would have been fine, except he refused to just hand them to me like a civilized person- he had to throw them at me- or on the ground at the bottom of the steps to the front porch. As if that wasn't aggravating enough, he also refused to write my name on the checks.

My solution was to make it the state's problem. On February 9th- eight days after I opened the case AND 5 weeks after the custody trial- he filed to have his child support modified. As you know from earlier posts, his support was set on the income he testified to in front of the judge.

The state was representing HIM since he was the one who requested modification. I had my attorney with me, representing my interests. The hearing was delayed due to the appeal several times. In November he showed up with a new attorney and they reset the case again for December 3rd.

He never showed up. His lawyer never showed up. My lawyer moved to dismiss the case, the state had no objection, and that is what the judge did. So for now, I get to keep the support for my son.

But... Nimrod is back. He has agreed to represent the sociopath in the contempt action I filed. It appears that Nimrod had no intention of letting the judge get a preview of things to come.