Thursday, November 15, 2012

Threats From Nimrod: Obey the Sociopath Or Else

Note: I removed everyone's real names to keep their identites hidden.

One thing that my case seems to have in common with that of others is that the sociopath's lawyer threatened me. This happened back in April. My attorney was able to shut him down- because EVERYTHING he states in this letter is a lie. We did not let this go unchallenged. Another example of just how unethical Nimrod is.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Mr. X because he asked me to copy him on it, although a decision has not been made as to whether or not he will be involved as trial council. I am sending a copy of this letter to Mrs. Y because she is still Samantha's attorney.
I am not sending this letter to convince anyone of anything, except what I plan to do. Mrs. Y and I see this case very differently, and she has told me that not only does she approve of the things that have taken place since the hearing, but on the afternoon of March 26 she said that “she would have done a whole lot more”.
I am, of course, referring to the following:

  1. Samantha has made two unfounded charges of molestation by sociopath. Both have been investigated y the Department of Children's Services and found to be untrue.
  2. Samantha's boyfriend made an unfounded criminal charge against the sociopath.
  3. Samantha has only attended one counseling session, which was set up with the counselor of her request.
  4. She has refused to take the child to the preschool program during her weeks.
As these things are happening, I am contemplating taking her back to court, bringing it to the attention of the court and asking that her visitation be drastically reduced, then forcing her to attend mediation. However, I feel it would be better if Samantha were alerted first, so that maybe some peace will come. One more charge to DCS, one more criminal charge, and if she doesn't start taking the child to preschool, then I WILL do as I have said.
I am not writing to ask you to agree, I know that Mrs. Y agrees with Samantha's conduct, and I guess at this point that is not relevant. I am merely asking you to pass this message along to Samantha.


Here are the REAL facts:

1. I did not place two complaints to DCS about molestation. I filed ONE complaint after my son came home telling everyone his daddy pinched his “winky” and that daddy played a game with him telling him to “touch his winky so it didn't go down the drain".

I was explicit that I did not think it was for sexual gratification- that the sociopath has problems determining healthy boundaries. He sees nothing wrong with playing with his genitals. He doesn't want my son to grow up being “ashamed of his body”. The sociopath has a history if admittedly pinching my son to hurt him, so I am sure this was more of the same. If the case worker assumed sexual abuse, well you can hardly blame her for jumping to that conclusion.

Similar issues were addressed at trial. The judge stated in his final order that my child does not need the sociopath to teach him to fondle himself.

I called because I was advised my my attorney that if I DID NOT report it and someone else does, I may be charged with Failure To Protect. In fact, DCS questioned ME extensively about what was wrong with ME- judges don't take kids away from fit single moms and award custody to men with mental health issues.

The charge was closed the next day as “unsubstantiated”. DCS had called the sociopath HOURS before showing up, giving him plenty of time to tell my son that she was coming to “steal” him and not to tell anything or he would kill her. Needless to say, my son didn't tell the children's advocate a damn thing.

2. I don't have a “boyfriend”. The criminal charge he is referring to was an assault against one of my friends, who was a witness in the case. Obviously, the charge was NOT unfounded, since the sociopath is now under a restraining order to stay away from this person. The case was not dismissed, it was retired for 11 months / 29 days pending the sociopaths compliance.

3. I attended three of the mandated joint counseling sessions, after which the counselor himself canceled them. He said there was no benefit to continuing and that there was no way for me to work with the sociopath, because of his severe communication boundaries. The counselor notified all of the attorneys of this fact in writing, which Nimrod received. Nor did I select the counselor. I agreed to their recommendations because if I didn't they were going to ask the judge to select him anyway.

4. I did refuse to take my son to preschool during my weeks. The sociopath unilaterally enrolled him, telling me I had no description making, five weeks before the end of the year. My son was traumatized enough over being away from his mother. I had been homeschooling him (he was only 4 years old). Even the teachers commented that the sociopath was using the Pre-K program as a free baby sitter and a means of keeping the child away from his mother.

Nimrod never pursued any of these things, but he sure didn't blink an eye at threatening me. Of course, a bully likes an easy target. I pushed back and he decided it wasn't worth the effort. I will never comply with threats and I will no longer allow the lies to stand unchallenged.

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