Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Child Support Court Reset Again

Well, Monday marked my fourth appearance in child support court. The sociopath has been fighting like hell to have his child support obligation removed. In the latest round of paperwork, his new attorney provided me with an "Annualized Estimate of Earnings for 2012."

Basically, it is just last years income tax return with the numbers scratched out and new figures handwritten beside it. What a joke. The most significant information that it reveals is that my ex is reporting a net income of $16,840 for 2012. Let's see, that would amount to a $34,000 difference from what he so earnestly testified to at trial.

Since I am contesting the child support modification, it has to be heard by a judge. It just so happens to be the same judge that heard the inital custody case. Right now, he is on some kind of vacation. So, the case has been reset again for a hearing December 3rd. The sociopath has committed blantant fraud upon the court -but I just wonder if the judge will acknowledge that fact.

Quick history for those of you who don't know:

 In a previous post, I shared the actual testimony that was given at trial. The judge questioned him about whether or not he know the difference between net and gross. We all had to sit through Nimrod's (the sociopaths lawyer at custody trial) theatrical story telling as a means of illustrating how net differs from gross. The judge made a finding of fact that the sociopath's earning capacity was $50000 / year based on his sworn statements.

A few weeks after this testimony, the sociopath filed for a modification of his earning capacity- stating his business had "declined". I filed a notice of appeal on the custody ruling. Nimrod and the sociopath continued to argue that his earning capacity was $50,000 in the appellate court. Simultaneously, he argued (and IS arguing) it was around $16,000 in child support court.


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