Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Joint Equal Child Custody Looks Like to A Sociopath

Hey, have you ever wondered what a shared parenting arrangement looks like to a sociopath?

It's MINE, all MINE!

When the Judge says, “I am going to order equal, 50/50 custody”-the sociopath hears, “ha I won! I have sole custody! Now I can get on with my plans to crush you and never pay child support. While I am at it, I am going to make the child suffer just so I can torture you in the process! The Judge said it was okay!”

That is what my current shared parenting plan looks like. The sociopathic father will disregard my parental rights as often and as thoroughly as he can. He will try to needle me by ignoring our son's healthcare needs, refusing telephone contact, neglecting our child, and endangering his safety. He will tell everyone that he has sole custody and decision making authority. And... he believes he has the Judge's permission to do so.

Recently, I had our son at his pediatrician due to an ongoing ear problem. He referred him to a specialist to find out what was going on. The sociopath managed to change the appointment to HIS week at the last minute, leaving me waiting seven (Yes I said, “SEVEN”) hours for him to show up with our son. Once he did, he refused to allow the health questionnaire I filled out to be included in the record and told ALL of them that he had to insist that he made all the decisions becuase he has custody.

As embarrassing as this was, I actually felt sorry for the medical personnel. They don't care about the custody situation- they want to provide care for the child. The nurse was clearly aggravated with the father's lack of cooperation. Gee, welcome to my world. Try having bags of medication thrown at you during a custody exchange!

However, it made me think about a sociopath's flagrant disregard for the rights of others and their inability to conform to rules. We all know that this is the nature of the beast. The sociopath can't help himself and he is certainly not going to change. Regardless of what your court order says, the sociopath is never going to follow it. The judge is bound to get tired of the sociopath's antics eventually!This is the very reason why they will not win in the end.

Can anybody say Contempt?

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