Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shut Up is A Good Word and Other Parenting Lessons From a Sociopath

Recently, I had the unfortunate opportunity to be present while the sociopath attempted to indoctrinate our son on his sick and twisted belief system. Of course, these lessons are always given in a place where he doesn't think he will be overheard. Except for me. He knows the only sure fire way to get under my skin is to threaten the well-being of my child.

In general, people suffering with Antisocial Personality disorder are maladaptive. It is like their mental development comes to a screeching halt somewhere between four and seven years old. They are never able to process the world through the lens of an adult mind. Scientists attribute this phenomena to a genetic fault in frontal lobe brain development. It is also passed down through the environment that a child lives in.

It is interesting to note that the sociopath has recently learned that his beliefs are not tolerated by mainstream society. So while he remains maladaptive, he is not completely unable to adapt if he has to. Like most sociopaths, he has learned to fake it. Sometimes he carries it off extremely well, and other times an astute person will catch him. It is really pathetic when our five year old son catches him.

Here are a few choice quotes from the sociopath on how to parent a child:

  1. “Shut up is a good word. It is okay to tell people to shut up. Pissed Off is not a bad word. Its okay for you to say pissed off.”
  2. “Your mother is a bitch. There is nothing wrong with saying that- it means female dog.”
  3. “If anyone tries to hurt you- you kill them. I will show you one day. You take a pocketknife, cut their fat tummy open and spill their intestines right here on the kitchen floor. I'll tell you what- no one will ever try to hurt you again once they know what will happen to them.”
  4. “Church people are all weak. They are nice to you because they want you to be weak too. That is why they try to teach you fairy tales, son. There is no God.”
  5. “When you get older you are going to bang a lot of chicks. Remember, that is what girls are really for. Don't let one trick you into thinking otherwise.”
  6. “Always wear a condom, son. I will show you how to use it. When you are finished with it, I will teach you to put hot sauce in it so some girl doesn’t try to steal your stuff and get herself pregnant.”
  7. “Fat people are disgusting. Remember that. They are lazy and stupid and weird and gross. That is why you can't eat much. You can never let yourself get fat. Fat is for losers.”
  8. “People from Tennessee are stupid, fat, uneducated, ugly hillbillies with no teeth. We are not going to live in Tennessee forever. I am going to get you out of here one day. “
  9. “You stay away from Santa Claus. He is a fat pervert who hurts little boys. He is scary.”
  10. “I am going to teach you how to be a man, son- strong. Your mother and her friends want you to be a girl- weak. Don't let them make you into a girl.”

There is little I can do to stop the indoctrination of hate messages. What I CAN do however, is aggressively teach my son that this type of behavior is wrong. I NEVER say, "your father is bad for telling you things." I say that the behavior itself is wrong. Hurting people is WRONG. Lying is WRONG.

And guess what? My five year old may be terribly confused about “the rules” right now, but he is getting some of it. In fact, his insight blows me away. His father took him to the pediatrician a couple of months ago and the doctor discussed child safety with the sociopath. The topic? Riding on motorcycles. Now, I realize that there are a lot of people who don't think that it is wrong for a five year old to be on the back of a motorcycle. That argument is completely irrelevant.

What does matter though is that the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly states that a five year old does not posses the necessary skills developmentally to be a motorcycle passenger. Of course, the sociopath does put him on his bike (and without a helmet) simply because he knows I can't stand it.

What is funny though is that when the pediatrician confronted the sociopath about doing this, he lied (of course he did, right). My son was there. He came home to tell me, “mommy, did you know that my daddy is a liar?”

Ugh, well yeah- but I can't tell my five year old that.

So the parenting lesson today is:

If you are fat, a mother, a church member, believe in God or Santa Claus, a woman, live in Tennessee, or believe it is wrong to teach children to swear then you are a loser in the eyes of a sociopath. I don't know about you, but in this case THANK GOD I AM A LOSER!


  1. Notice how he REALLY doesn't like fat people? I can't help but wonder what that particular obsession is about!

  2. omg, Heather. how did you catch the quotes?

  3. never mind. don't tell me, just in case he is following your blog. Does he know about this blog?

  4. LOL! Lets just say I have a really accurate memory and leave it at that! I honestly dont know if he is even aware of the blog. He is not computer literate AT ALL. That said, he does have friends who are, so who knows? It has never been mentioned, and he often doesn't speak to me. The common form of communication between us involves him throwing stuff at me and him talking directly to someone else ABOUT me.