Monday, October 15, 2012

How a Sociopath Defines 'Roughly' in Child Support Court

Today I spent a little over four hours sitting in child support court. Why, you may be wondering, am I in child support court? Well, the sociopath' s first step in revenge was to take custody of our son. He came close, getting a 50% time share. Next, he wanted to eliminate his child support obligation. So, what does he do? Well, he lies, of course. After all, that is what sociopaths do best.

Define: Roughly

At the trial in December, the judge made finding of fact regarding both parties earning capacity. What follows is an excerpt from the actual court transcript:
Nimrod (sociopath's lawyer for those who missed the previous post): How much do you think you are going to report this year for income? I don't mean gross income, I mean net income.
Sociopath: Roughly- this year was slower than last- about $50,000
Nimrod: So you are going to net out $50,000?
Sociopath: Yes, roughly.
The Judge: Now you do know the difference between net and gross, right?
Sociopath: Yes
Nimrod: We had a merchant here and I asked him what kind of Christmas he was having and he said, “it would be a good one if not for expenses” So you do understand that...
Sociopath: Yes
Nimrod: So you would put in your pocket and pay taxes on $50,000?
Sociopath: Yes

'Roughly' six weeks later the sociopath files for a child support modification. He now claims his gross is only $36,000 and his net is $13,000. My attorney argues that the modification should be postponed because the Appellate Court has jurisdiction over the case. In the appeal, he is arguing his gross is $50,000 annually. You can't argue a competing set of facts in two ongoing cases.

Anyway, the child support hearing was postponed until today. When confronted about his lies, the sociopath claims he was mistaken about what he thought he earned. Apparently, the sociopath thinks 'roughly' means a guess between $13,000 and $50,000. Gee, wish I had known that secret formula when my income was imputed.

Here is the deal- he hired a new lawyer to represent him at the hearing. He is currently paying $100.15 per week in child support. He believes he should pay nothing. When his new lawyer finds out about the existence of the above testimony, he tells him that it would be more reasonable to offer to pay me something... so he offers $30 a week. Yeah, right. I know how to calculate income shares too.

I offered to agree to $70 a week (which is within $3 of being the correct amount), plus he has to reimburse me for half of the medical and extra-curricular activities expenses (which he hasn't paid).
He declined my offer. So, back to court we go for a hearing in front of the custody judge to determine what amount of child support he has to pay. The case has been reset for November 5th- 'roughly'.  I imagine that the state's attorney has to be shaking her head in disbelief.


  1. In court, my ex quibbles and lies about his financials as well. He is a government worker making almost $10K a month NET-not gross. I know the difference, 56yo nut and with a new sucker and a new baby, he wants to drop our sons's CS from less than $600 a month to $100. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I wish my ex would take his friggin child support, and just GO AWAY and let me raise my child in PEACE!!!!!!!!! It has been 8 years of this foolishness. But even with a unbelievable ego, he's kinda dumb and every once in awhile has a MAJOR FINANCIAL UPHEAVAL HAPPEN TO HIM from his crazy life choices, so I catch a break from his madness every once in a while.

  2. If you were dealing with a true sociopath, the child support would be the least of your concerns. I have cops rented with a sociopath for 18 yrs. it is miserable. And your child should not be in the home with him if he truly is sociopathic. Especially 50% of the time.

    1. Anon, child support is just one of many things that I deal with. If you go back and read the story- it's not my choice to have my child live with a sociopath 50% of the time. I am court ordered into this arrangement. Yes, my ex was diagnosed by a mental health professional. Yes, said professional testified to supervised contact only. Judges do what they want and aren't accountable