Saturday, July 14, 2012

Are you the Wolf or the Sheep?

Sociopaths have a very narrow view of the world. People fall into two distinct categories: wolves and sheep. There is no grey area. You are either an apex predator or you are their prey. I’m not talking about a theological point of view- I am speaking in the literal sense. Of course, you realize that in the end, the sheep are eaten.

Everyone has heard the adage, “its dog eat dog”, or “survival of the fittest.” Those concepts serve to remind us that we must look out for ourselves, because someone may come along and take advantage of us. I had heard my sociopath say numerous times that people are sheep (weak, vulnerable) and he was a wolf, “at the top of the food chain.” I just sorta blew that off, thinking he surely didn’t mean that literally.

The day I realized he was telling the absolute truth, I almost fell out of the bed. He said, “No, you don’t understand what I am telling you. I am different inside. Most people (the sheep) get angry and only talk about killing someone. But they never will do it, because in the end they are too afraid of what the other sheep will think of them.

They grow up in a herd- thinking and acting just alike. But me? I am the wolf. I can kill someone easy and never feel a thing. It wouldn’t bother me.”

This brings me to what I refer to as the sociopath’s code. The code is an unwritten set of rules that the sociopath forces upon himself. From what I have gathered, the code varies from sociopath to sociopath. It looks something like this:

1. If you are rich or you have an important job AND you like me, AND you don’t mind hurting other people, then you are a fellow wolf. I will treat you with respect. And I will not eat you.

2. If you are not rich, BUT you give me what I want, then you are a sheep. You can be my follower or my disciple and I will not eat you until I tire of you.

3. If you like me and defend me, you are still a sheep. I will not eat you; BUT I will tell everyone else how weak you are (behind your back) in hopes that some other wolf will eat you. That way I can revel in your pain.

4. If you are my enemy, you are not only a sheep but you will be tortured before I eat you.

So what does a child look like to an apex predator such as the sociopath? Well, there are only two possibilities. They are either baby wolves or they are sheep. Baby wolves can be corrupted and twisted into the sociopath’s mirror image.

Baby sheep, on the other hand, are useful tools. Since they are warm and fuzzy, a sociopath might be able to leach love and comfort out of them for a little while. They are most useful for carrying out the sociopath’s code, number four (If you are my enemy, you are not only a sheep but you will be tortured before I eat you.). This is especially good for punishing and controlling mommy sheep.

I once read a very good description of the mind of a sociopath. I have adapted it somewhat, but here is a snap shot:

I am a wolf. I am faster, stronger, and smarter than the sheep, therefore it is okay for me to eat them. They are just stupid sheep. They shouldn’t have been born so fat, weak, and stupid. Of course, I eat them, it’s my right. I know that the farmer gets upset when I eat them, but really…. It’s his own fault. He put all these juicy sheep here, knowing that I would have to eat them. He makes me eat them. I keep from being caught by pretending that I am a sheep too. Look like a sheep and act like a sheep, the wolf will stay hidden until I have gained their trust. Then I will devour them. No one will ever catch me because I’m not just pretending to be a sheep; I owned the experience of becoming a sheep. No one will catch me in a lie because if they do, then I will tell them that they are the wolf and I was afraid of being eaten.

Well, you get the idea. The sociopath will never accept responsibility for his own behavior. He will lie and deceive, feeling justified that people deserve such treatment. Sociopaths can appear harmless or offbeat. If you doubt the ability of the sociopath to disguise his true self, let me point out one example to give you a mental image: John Wayne Gacy dressed as a clown, entertaining children at parties.

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